Canadian Marijuana Companies Have No Way of Humanizing Their Brands

In a recent article posted on, it is evident that the current configuration of Cannabis Canada has no real legitimate way of deploying strategies directed towards consumer — brand — connection. It is no coincidence that wholesalers and retailers are nowhere near reaching their full potential of maximum growth. I mean, how could this be possible when the main marketing strategy of CMO’s are to rely on throwing random ideas out there, desperately hoping something sticks? Could this actually be seen as a justifiable method to try to connect with the consumer? It’s lazy. This is a gross misunderstanding of the Canadian market. The Canadian citizens deserve better than this. Brands have to earn the attention of their consumer base.

These faults in the marketing landscape have led to the current catastrophe of zero brand credibility. In a playing field, where the recreation and medicinal use of marijuana is 100% legal for about two years now, a question comes to mind. How could this even be possible — especially when customers are actively searching to purchase marijuana? Why is it that brands have a hard time earning this attention?

They aren’t humanizing themselves enough.

The way the current configured landscape is marketing themselves, you’d think they were all robots. How are they reaching their customers? amongst other key strategies of brand — consumer — connection, what are their means of live chatting with the customer? Most importantly, how are they actively trying to build a long-term relationship with each customer? The reason pot brands are having a tough time making the consumer aware of their brands is due to the fact that they are not focusing and emphasizing building a real relationship between themselves and the customer.

Luckily, YouGotBud recognizes all the issues retailers are turning a blind eye to in the market today. YouGotBud’s main focus is to become a marketplace for retailers to sell to their consumers while building an authentic, long-lasting relationship. The only way to fix the current marketing and sales crisis which Cannabis Canada is facing is through building and maintaining relationships with the consumers — all while utilizing a robust palette of in-house software curated for everyday needs.

YouGotBud is currently in the works! If you’d like to receive a notification when the YouGotBud application officially goes live, click here.



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