How We Are Going To Help Everyone #SparkSafely

3 min readSep 1, 2020

The idea to #SparkSafely came in the summer of 2016 when our CEO casually brought up how Canadian residents can use something of a marketplace to help streamline the process of acquiring medicinal marijuana. Something like that never really existed due to a multitude of factors such as: government bureaucracy, slow moving decision making processes by the people regulating the industry, & a total lack of innovation/vision needed to push the industry to the level acceptable by the Canadian residents.

Fast forward a couple years. It’s now October of 2018. Canada became the first ever G7 & G20 country to ever legalize both medicinal & recreational marijuana. Thus, that idea casually brought up in summer 2016 suddenly carries lots of weight now. With the government moving on making decisions, creating & implementing new regulations which allow the facilitation of cannabis, & finally implementing regulations which, at bare minimum, have the potential to spark innovation…..

….the idea for everyone to #SparkSafely was born.

YouGotBud was conceptualized with the idea that everyone who enjoys the consumption of cannabis in any shape or form should be able to acquire it in an easy & simple manner. The essence of #SparkSafely is simple. Anyone who enjoys cannabis should acquire it with absolute certainty that the product they bought is safe & can 100% say the product won’t harm them. If in any way a consumer even has a sliver of doubt regarding the products safety, then the industry has failed the consumer.

YouGotBud wants to facilitate the movement of cannabis from wholesaler → to retailer/dispensary → finally you. In a nutshell, we want to improve the entire supply chain process. In return what this will do is to help wholesalers sell their excess supply of cannabis to dispensaries. With dispensaries having fresh products in their stores, this will allow consumers to pick & choose the product they’d like to purchase. Variety, convenience, & ease-of-use is the name of the game. Those are the key tenets of YouGotBud. Everything we design on the application has this philosophy in mind. Our obsession with providing the best consumer experience in the industry is what’s driving us to keep tweaking our product until it’s ready for you.

In a few weeks, YouGotBud will aim to upgrade the Cannabis industry so everyone can #SparkSafely. Version 1 of YGB will be our marketplace feature. The goal for our marketplace is for you to be able to go on your entire purchasing journey on YGB in only three or less clicks. You will be able to see the product → & purchase. That’s it. One Click purchasing. That’s how easy & fast we are making it for everyone to enjoy cannabis.

YouGotBud will always start with you — the customer, that’s our motto now and forever. YouGotBud is here to make buying cannabis as simple as ordering ordering a pizza. YouGotBud is being built for cannabis lovers, by cannabis lovers.

We hope you love using our product half as much as we do creating it.




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