The Only Problem For The Cannabis Industry

3 min readAug 20, 2020

After a few years of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the industry has seen it’s massive wins but also a few hiccups. Some of these hiccups include: too much inventory for wholesalers, not enough dispensaries in provinces, & dispensaries not knowing how to position themselves to appeal to the already existing base of marijuana lovers across the red maple leaf country. All of these hiccups are mere road blocks in terms of the Canadian citizen being able to adequately acquire cannabis in a safe, effective, and convenient manner. With that being said, the industry is only facing 1 real problem & in this post we plan on outlining what our solution is.

The elephant in the room is the illicit Black Market.

For the past two years the industry has generated billions of dollars with these hiccups existing. In the grand scheme of things, in the macro view, these hiccups don’t matter and are easily fixable. However the one main issue the legal industry is facing is the consistent involvement of the illicit black market. Because of the way the current supply chain process is configured, for a good percentage of the population, it is easier to purchase on the black market than to go into a dispensary.

In order to delve into the root cause of why some citizens would rather prefer to purchase on the black market rather than dispensaries, we first have to consider what we as humans prefer before all else: convenience. We all naturally gravitate towards the easier option instead of going against the grain & causing stress. Thousands of years ago if hunters & gatherers had the option of going to a supermarket for meat rather than hunting a bison, they would immediately go to the supermarket because of how much easier it would have been for them to get their product. We can use this same analogy for the situation regarding the legal market vs the illicit black market. With the dispensaries (legal market) the customer can say with 100% certainty they know what they are getting. The product is safe, it’s been verified, & closely examined making sure it’s safe for consumption. The black market on the other hand….. you can’t know if what you’re getting is 100% what you want to buy. It’s not uncommon for illicit dealers to not be honest and give you exactly what you’re looking for. On top of this malpractice, the product you purchase from a dealer can be laced with dangerous chemicals & you’d have no idea.

The trade off of the legal market vs the black market is money, time, & like mentioned before convenience. Since all humans naturally gravitate towards the path of least resistance, this psychological impulse can make any individual, at a bare minimum, at least consider purchasing from the black market. On top of this — black market dealers, or “street pharmacists”, intentionally lower their prices to recapture the market share they lost from the legalization of cannabis.

What would be the fix for this?

What if there was a platform out there which single handily helped the legal market by fixing the supply chain mess currently plaguing the industry & in return making the process to purchase cannabis or any other cannabis related product 100 times easier & more convenient?

This is what YouGotBud is aiming to do. In a nutshell — YGB will provide wholesalers a gateway to find, communicate, & do business with dispensaries. YGB will provide dispensaries marketing solutions & all encompassing customer relation management system. YGB will also provide the consumers of Canada a fully dedicated platform designed for convenience. Customers can add to cart & purchase their product from nearby dispensaries with just 1 click. We can guarantee this will be the fastest way for any consumer to acquire their bud. 1 click purchasing & either pick up your product or have it delivered to your home. We’re making it that easy for the industry to become a well oiled-machine. No more bureaucracy in the industry. Let’s simplify the process for the consumer so everyone can spark safely.




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