Who Are We & How Do We Help You?

4 min readJul 10, 2020

In October of 2018 — Canada became the second major country in the world to legalize marijuana, coining the term “Cannabis Canada”. It offered a glimmer of hope that marijuana will become easily accessible for Canadians across the nation. But if you look closer into the details of the industry you will notice a huge glaring problem — the current geography of the cannabis supply chain process is severely flawed. Enter YouGotBud. We are a cannabis technology startup. A tech startup operating in the cannabis sector. We make it easy for you to purchase and discover new & existing cannabis products by connecting wholesalers directly with retailers and then allowing retailers to put their products on YouGotBud application. We’re modeling the single source of truth idiom. YouGotBud is a one stop shop for all of your cannabis products. YouGotBud is built and optimized for 3 types of customers. The wholesaler (growers & suppliers), the retailers (dispensary owners), & the average consumer of cannabis. We are building an inclusive platform for all 3 of our customer profiles.

Wholesalers — How Do We Help You?

So Wholesalers — how is the YouGotBud application going to help you? We are adding a new way for you to discover more retailers/dispensaries and streamline the process for you to find & sell to various dispensaries using the YouGotBud application. The single biggest problem Canada’s licensed marijuana wholesalers are having is sitting on too much inventory. Mountains of marijuana just sitting in facilities collecting dust. What if you had a simple easy to use all-in-one inclusive platform designed and optimized for you to locate retailers to do business with? An application which will allow you to communicate directly with retail owners. An application that will allow you to browse a wide variety of dispensaries to build a relationship with and sell too. Rather than the current ineffective way of calling and tracking data, our YouGotBud application will do all of the heavy lifting for you. We will facilitate the process for you to locate and sell to retailers across Canada.

Retailers — How Do We Help You?

So Retailers & Dispensary owners — How is the YouGotBud application going to help you? It will allow you to directly communicate with any wholesaler you purchase from by leveraging YouGotBuds facilitating tools. Because we will also be listing wholesalers across canada on the application, your means of discovering new wholesalers you want to purchase from or compare prices with different wholesalers will be easier than before. This will enable you to discover new methods of getting cannabis products into your store. But now how will this help you with your biggest need, aka selling to the average customer? we’re allowing you to connect with your customer by giving you a new avenue to showcase your product by removing friction for customers to find you. We’re giving you the opportunity to create a new income stream for your business and find new customers. Sell to your customers, build & manage a relationship with your customers, and as well as find new customers. Through the application, customers will be able to discover and shop your products with a seamless application. YouGotBud will allow you to market your products so that you may remain competitive in an industry that seemingly always changes overnight.

Citizens of Canada — How Do We Make Obtaining Your Weed Easy & Simple?

Customers are having a difficult time locating retailers near them. Customers are having trouble locating their favorite marijuana strains, among other products associated with cannabis consumption. Customers don’t have a real service that helps them compare prices with different retailers so they are able to get the best bang for their buck. With YouGotBud you will access an online marketplace for you to browse, interact with, and purchase your favorite strains from different retailers listed online. Imagine you drive to your cannabis retailers store. You’re browsing all of the different strains and every other cannabis product. You realize that none of the products interest you. You are now annoyed that you drove to the store and walked away empty handed. Through the YouGotBud application, you will be able to browse all of the retailers’ products BEFORE you go, make the purchase online, and then pickup your product in person (or have it delivered to you depending on the dispensary). It’s that simple. We’ve made it more convenient for you to enjoy your cannabis in peace.

YouGotBud has a solution for the glaring supply chain problems running rampant in the industry. Wholesalers will be able to locate and sell to retailers, retailers will be able to purchase from any wholesalers, and consumers will be able to purchase from any retailer. We can’t wait to help streamline the supply chain process. If any of this interests you — consider following us on social. We will be better able to directly interact with you and answer any questions you may have. YouGotBud is still currently under development. If you’d like to receive a notification on when the application is live, click here. Until next time, spark safely.




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